About – Oliver Jeffers Stuff


Oliver JeffersWith my collection of prints, apparel, toys and other wares, I want to craft objects that expand the characters and worlds of my stories into the homes and arms of people across the world. While each product originates from my picture books, it is important that they be well-considered objects in their own rights, appealing to folks regardless of whether or not they are aware of my work. 

I have collaborated with a small network of friends, and together we seek to make things that are covetable — not disposable – with a commitment towards ethical manufacturing. We have had fun making these things. We hope you enjoy them. 

I am proud to be working with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a humanitarian aid organization on the front lines supporting millions of families uprooted by war and disaster. I will be contributing to IRC’s children’s programming with every purchase of my new merchandise collection.  



Selected Press for OJ Stuff: NY Times, 5th Dec 2016Milk Magazine, 6th Dec 2016 & Red Magazine 6th Nov 2016.